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Enrollment Applications Quick Links

Enrollment Information

Students may enroll up until their 21st birthday, and may remain enrolled until their 22nd birthday.

If the student is under 18 the application below must be filled out by the student’s legal guardian. If the student is 18 and older the application must be filled out by the student themselves.

Step 1:  Fill out the Student Online Application, which gets submitted to us digitally

Or download the Application in PDF format.  You may submit this application along with the documents listed below in step 2 via:

Step 2: Submit the following documents:

    • Copy of the student’s birth certificate
    • Copy of the student’s immunization record
    • Unofficial transcript from the student’s most recent school
    • Withdrawal slip from the student’s most recent school
  • Proof of Arizona residency (for the legal guardian if the student is under 18, for the student themselves if the student is 18 and older) which may be any one of the following:
      • Valid Arizona driver’s licence, Arizona ID card, or motor vehicle registration.
      • Real estate deed or mortgage documents
      • Property tax bill
      • Residential lease, or rental agreement
      • Water, electric, gas, cable, or phone bill
      • Bank, or credit card statement
      • W-2 wage statement
      • Payroll stub
      • Certificate of tribal enrollment or other identification issued by a recognized Indian tribe that contains an Arizona address
    • Affidavit signed and notarized by an Arizona resident who attests to the establishment of Arizona residence with the person signing the affidavit (affidavit available to be sent to you upon request.

All forms may be submitted any of the following ways:

Step 3: The student must complete the entirety of the online orientation class.  Details and directions will be emailed to you once the enrollment process has begun.

Step 4:
The student (and legal guardian, if the student under 18) must attend the in-person portion of the orientation to complete state documentation and complete a reading and math entrance assessment.  Once this step is complete, the student will receive half an elective credit for the orientation class, and their classes will be activated.


Please fill out this online form if you are a current Taylion student and plan to return for the next school year:

Taylion Re-enrollment Form